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Entertaining Puzzles For 2 Years To 5 Year Old Children


All the products are selected by their 4 and above STAR ratings


Creative Educational Aids P. Ltd. Educational Games & Puzzle , 90 Piece, Multicolour

  • Letter Recognition
  • Letter Sounds
  • Spelling
  • Reading Skills
  • Country of Origin: India

Tickles Animal Cartoon 9 Pieces of a Pattern Wood Puzzles Wooden Jigsaw Board (Set of 4 and Design May Vary)for Kids 2 yrs Plus

  • Wooden Puzzles great for hand eye cordination
  • Colorful and Attractive Images are fun for small children and toddlers.
  • Picture preprinted on the board for aesy placement
  • 9 piece puzzle set of 4 assorted diffeternt puzzles
  • Good Quality wood

SmartoKids Non-plastic 3-in-1 Games And Puzzles Activity Set, Multicolour, 2-3 Years, 12 Pieces

  • Contents :- (1) Fruit Pattern – a superb activity to help child recognize various fruits and patterns; Includes 20+ cutouts with different patterns; (2) Animal Race – 2 Board Games that familiarize your child with game play, dice, colors, animals, etc. (includes 2 flattened dices and 6 tokens); (3) Jigsaw Puzzle – total 6 puzzles with 3, 4 and 5-piece versions (total 12 pieces)
  • Key benefits :- (1) unlike most other toys which are one time use & throw with limited learning value, this kit provides a lot of learning and is loved for a long time (2) designed by child-development experts to ensure optimal brain development of child (3) helps parents keep their child better engaged at home away from TV and smartphones (4) Zero Plastic – All activities are made from non-plastic material (5) Made in India
  • 3 high-quality activity sets – includes detailed instructions & everything your child needs. Zero Plastic. Designed by Child Development Experts. 100% Made in India. Develops coordination, concentration and fine motor skills.
  • Skills Acquired :- fine motor, coordination, attention, imagination, familiarity
  • Ideal for birthday gifts and return gifts. Also popular as a winning prize in school competitions, useful as an award for kids achievement, as a class or group appreciation, or for any kind of active mind challenge as well as special festival gifting purpose. Best preferable for those children who have completed two yrs, or who are still below three years of age.

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