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Step Up Your Baby’s Walking Game with the StarAndDaisy 360 Adjustable Walker


Unlock the Freedom of Movement for Your Little One with the StarAndDaisy 360 Adjustable Walker

Guiding Tiny Steps to Independence

When it comes to fostering independence in your little one, nothing stands out like a reliable baby walker. As they grow, the kids yearn for the freedom to explore their surroundings. Meet the StarAndDaisy 360 Adjustable Walker, a game-changing product in the baby gear landscape designed to help your child take those first steps safely and comfortably. With an array of features like adjustable heights, anti-rollover mechanisms, and a recreational toy bar, this walker is indeed a cut above the rest.

The Perfect Companion for Your Growing Tot

StarAndDaisy 360: Not Just a Walker, but a Milestone Helper

Having a baby walker that grows with your child is like having a reliable companion that adapts to their ever-changing needs. The StarAndDaisy 360 offers a highly adjustable height feature, accommodating children from 6-18 months. The height can be tailored between 58-62 cm, allowing a customized fit for babies of different heights. Such flexibility not only ensures the walker’s prolonged utility but also maximizes your child’s safety.

Safety First: Anti-Rollover and Durable Design

A parent’s foremost concern is often their child’s safety, and StarAndDaisy gets it. Their 360 Adjustable Walker comes with an anti-rollover folding mechanism. It has been highly praised for its sturdy build, which can withstand a maximum load of 20 kilograms. Moreover, the brand has amassed an impressive 85% positive rating from over 10,000 customers, and it’s not hard to see why.

Easy to Use, Easy to Store

Fold It, Stash It, Take It: The Convenience Factor

You might think that something this functional would be cumbersome. But no, the StarAndDaisy 360 is as convenient as they come. With a simple folding design, this walker can be flattened and stored away effortlessly when not in use. Its dimensions when folded are 70 x 70 x 15 cm, making it easy to carry and a breeze to store, providing convenience at its best.

Rolling Right Along: The Magic of the 6 Universal Wheels

The walker comes equipped with six 2-inch large universal wheels that make movement a walk in the park. These wheels are multidirectional, allowing your baby 360-degree freedom. Whether you’ve got carpet or hardwood, this walker rolls effortlessly, allowing your little explorer to maneuver around furniture and other obstacles without getting stuck.

Material Matters

Eco-Friendly and Comfortable: Built with Baby in Mind

StarAndDaisy takes eco-consciousness seriously. The walker is crafted from PP plastic and features a high-quality oxford fabric cushion. It even includes a baby mobile dining table that’s non-toxic and easy to clean. So, not only does your child get to move freely, but they also do it in the utmost comfort.

Technical Aspects: What You Need to Know

No batteries are required to make the StarAndDaisy walker functional. It has an overall weight of 4 kilograms and has been certified as safe and easy to assemble, adding yet another layer of convenience for busy parents.

Why Choose StarAnd Daisy?

A Brand You Can Trust

With over 10,000 recent orders and 3+ years of selling on Amazon, StarAndDaisy is a brand you can trust. They are highly rated for providing products that are durable, easy to assemble, and most importantly, safe for your little ones.

Consumer-Centric Approach

The brand originates from India and offers superior after-sales service. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their positive ratings and the durable quality of their products.


When it comes to the crucial period of your baby learning to walk, settling for anything less than the best isn’t an option. The StarAndDaisy 360 Adjustable Walker comes laden with features that are focused on safety, ease of use, and the physical comfort of your child. Investing in it means investing in your child’s joyful and safe early walking days.

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