How to keep chidren off the couch & reduce screen time?.

Are you a parent worried about your children are spending more time on TV, Mobile and online games? You are not alone!

Children need more outdoor play & physical activity instead of watching TV, Playing mobile games.

Expert Opinions

Expert child phsycologists and pediatricians all over the world have the same opinion on the subject. But the parents have difficulty in conveying  the message to their children.

Social Skills

With role playing games or playing with other children, they gradually understand their world around them.

Stop buying them electronic products like smartphones and steer them around to play outdoor games with other children and physical activity.


Educational & Learing Games


Buy them arts and craft supplies or books. If you are inclined to buy them some gifts, let it be a board game, puzzle game or building blocks.

One of the parent should play with them sparing considerable time to interest them on learning & educational games.

Quality Time

Create a support  plan for children to spend quality time on productive games and physical activity

Simple Plan